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Why I Love Star Wars Weekends

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Take two things that are fan and family friendly, Disney and Star Wars, and put them together in an environment where people feel safe to let themselves be young again, and you have Star Wars Weekends. Add in a bunch of people who are all there for the same thing and the magic really starts. It's one thing to see the movies, but for a kid to be hugged by a "real ewok" is something else.

Star Wars Weekends is the most wonderful time of the year! Not only do we get to meet "stars" from the movies, but we get to visit with some
of the best friends you could ever ask for. The people we have met over the past several years have become dear friends. Talking, laughing, taking pictures, getting autographs, parades, standing in lines, talk show, oh so much fun. Can't wait for next year's Star Wars Weekends. We're planning and counting down already!  See you all in 08!

ďStar Wars Weekends combines the best of both worlds: Star Wars and Disney. Itís a time when you can meet great Star Wars fans from all over who share the same passion and excitement for the Star Wars universe as you do.   For a Star Wars fan, the thrill of walking shoulder to shoulder with a stormtrooper or Jango Fett or a Gamorrean Guard is indescribable!Ē

ďWhy do you love Star Wars Weekends?Ē Itís a question Iíve been asked several times and the answer is very easy: It combines two of my favorite things in this galaxy, Disney and Star Wars, into a great event. But, what makes the event great? There are characters such as Luke Skywalker and Jango Fett to meet and take pictures with. There is exclusive merchandise to browse and buy. There is a really neat parade that happens each morning of Star Wars Weekends. There is a question and answer session with the Weekendís celebrities. More importantly, though, there are some really great fans to meet. The event could not and would not happen without some great people to staff the event and great people to attend the event. The Disney Cast Members who staff the event are some of the kindest and most thoughtful people I have ever been around. If you need something and itís in their power to help you, theyíll do whatever they can. If they donít know the answer to your question(s), theyíll find someone who does. The fans I have met at Star Wars Weekends are the most considerate, caring, nice, and really cool group of people Iíve ever been around. Iím proud and incredibly grateful to call them my friends. The atmosphere and energy of the event canít be beaten. I mean, think about it: Youíre at Disney attending a Star Wars event with a bunch of people who are fans of Star Wars and actually get what youíre doing. It is one of the coolest things in this world. Iím incredibly grateful to two men who had a dream and pursued it vigorously: Walt Disney and George Lucas. Without them, none of this would have ever happened. Star Wars fans are truly the best. Thank you to my friends for making Star Wars Weekends so much fun! I canít wait to do it all again next year! J